Night Terrors

Yesterday I was putting these testimonials together for a friend and I thought you might be interested. The Young Living Essential Oils I  would recommend to start with are Valor and Peace and Calming.

What to do when kids have nightmares

When my 18 month old started having Night Terrors I wasn’t sure what to do. Most sleep oils weren’t helping him sleep better..but then I did some research and found out that I had to treat the negative emotions in his mind.

When he went to bed I started rubbing Joy on his big toe (corresponds to the brain). He was also a very restless sleeper so a friend suggested Cedarwood. So along with the Joy I began rubbing Cedarwood to the bottoms of his feet at bedtime also. Worked like a charm. No more Night Terrors and he slept soundly once again. Natalie Amoia

Night terrors have been eliminated

A friend has a six year old boy who suffered from night terrors every night. We put Dream Catcher on his forehead and temples, and then put Peace & Calming on his feet. He sleeps through the night now and reminds his mom to put his ‘sleepy oils’ on him every night!
Sue Gantick

Night terrors have not returned

My daughter had night terrors around ages 5 and 6. She would begin to cry and talk nonsensically in her sleep. Because she was not awake, I could not reason with her or comfort her. Nothing I tried worked, until I tried the Peace and Calming oil blend. I put a drop on my hands, rubbed them together and put them in front of her nose so she would breathe in the vapor. It worked beautifully. She would take a deep breath, relax and sleep peacefully. Not only did it help her to sleep, but it completely eradicated my husband’s skepticism about the power of the oils. Lori Dayton

May your weekend be full of fun and laughter and SLEEP!

infinite love and gratitude

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