Heart Attack

Lexi shares: Hi Artemis, I have had a lot of requests for my testimony about stopping my heart attack. Well it happened again. In May 2010, we were working at Logan, south side of Brisbane when a heart attack started. I used Aroma Life on my heart chakra point but this time it didn’t ease. I reapplied to my heart chakra and feet, heart points on my arm and direct to my heart. I then went to a doctors surgery, they did an ECG and confirmed I was having a heart attack and called an ambulance which took me to Logan Hospital. They also confirmed I was having a heart attack but to everyone’s surprise the attack just stopped. I stayed there for 2 days and as nothing else happened they released me and made an appointment to see my specialist at Prince Charles Hospital.

The next week we went to Hervey Bay and on Friday the 21st the same thing happened. I used Aroma Life everywhere and my husband Shane rushed me to the hospital. Once again it was confirmed I was having a heart attack & just as the last time, my attack just stopped. The doctors decided not to take any chances so I was taken to Prince Charles Hospital via air ambulance. The specialist decided to perform an angioplasty to unblock my arteries. I had that procedure done 5 years before and it is not uncommon for arteries to become blocked again. However my arteries had cleared themselves. After the last surgery I was left with a 33% blockage and now it’s down to 15% which is below normal. When I asked how did that happen their answer was “you tell us because this just doesn’t happen”.

So my answer is “Young Living”. I take Omega Blue soft gels, Longevity soft gels and Ningxia red twice a day we will be eternally grateful to our dear friend Sheralee for introducing us to Young Living and to Gary and Mary for all their hard work & dedication to these wonderful products. I now wear Aroma Life on my heart every day & I haven’t had any further problems. Love & best wishes always, Lexi

Artemis adds: Thanks so much Lexi! And the points that Lexi is referring to are as follows:

  • On your left hand, palm facing up, trace a line down the ring finger. Where that line intersects with the “heart line” in palmistry is your heart point. The heart line in palmistry is the uppermost line running across your palm closest to your fingers. It is usually 2 to 3 cm below where your fingers start.
  • On your left foot, it’s on the same location as for the hand.
  • Heart chakra – is centre of the chest, a hands-width below the throat….or just find your physical heart, and trace a line from there to your sternum and you’ve got the heart chakra.
  • Arm heart point – located on the inner left arm, 4 to 6 cm up from the elbow (heading towards the underarm).

Thank you Artemis for sharing these testimonials. www.perfectoils.com.au

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